Diane Fawcett is a freelance illustrator. She has been illustrating for 26 years working extensively in publishing, editorial & advertising. Her illustrations are hand-produced in two distinctive styles:  "My fashion illustrations are vivid & liberated. My more representative illustrations evocative & classic. Both continue to be contemporary & figurative."






Diane Fawcett's artwork has been used to illustrate magazines, children & adult books (fact & fiction), stamps, coins, first day covers, medals, packaging, calendars & greeting cards. "I strive to capture the human form & the multifarious effects of light, character & colour that embolden it ".

CONTACTS:  difw@rocketmail.com    

d                           https://www.instagram.com/fawreeal 

Clients include: BBC / Penguin / Addison Wesley Longman / Little Brown / Pan Macmillan / 288 Group Ltd /Scripture Union / The Black Country Development Corporation / Isle of Man Royal Mail / DC Thomson / Tetley Bitter / Van Der Meer / GOV.UK literature

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